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Let your CRM do the heavy lifting with a nurture sequence!


Turning leads into loyal customers can be tough.

Nurturing leads requires precision, personalisation, and a strategic approach.

With Account Engagement, your lead nurturing journey becomes seamless, targeted, and highly effective.

Automated Lead Nurturing

Set up personalised email sequences and engage your leads at the right time with the right message, nurturing them through each stage of the buying journey.

Lead Scoring and Qualification

Identify the hottest prospects and focus your efforts on leads that show genuine interest, ensuring your sales team’s efforts are optimised for maximum impact.

Insightful Analytics

Track open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and more, gaining insights that drive data-driven improvements.

Ready to take control of your leads and supercharge your sales? Let’s get started today!

How we can help

Leave the technicalities to us, and unlock the true potential of Salesforce for your organisation.

Website Integration

We connect your website to Salesforce, ensuring that every lead is captured effortlessly. 

Automated Nurturing Workflows

Design automated nurturing workflows that guide leads through the sales funnel and email them valuable content to encourage engagement.

Custom Email Templates

Configure email templates for various types of campaigns, including welcome emails, nurturing sequences, and promotional emails.

Data Maintenance

Ensure your data remains clean and up-to-date with regular data imports, exports, and data quality checks.

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